tripping the links fantastic: WPA Posters, Public Domain Collection Online at the Library of Congress

I keep  hoping that the economic stimulus plan will include funding for the arts, but I haven’t seen any sign of this. In contrast, one of the legacies of the New Deal’s Works Progress Administration are the iconic American photographs by Dorothea Lange [“Migrant Mother”],  Arthur Rothstein [“Farmer and sons walking in the face of a dust storm”],  Walker Evans, and others as employees of the Farm Security Administration,  a New Deal Department of Agriculture agency, which means their works are in the public domain. You can see these here.

Once again we return to the  Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs Online Catalog, this time to look at a few of the 907 WPA posters advertising events supported by Federal funding or created as public service announcements between 1936-1943. A brief history of arts funding in the WPA is provided as well. Many deal with health and World War II; others promote domestic tourism, using libraries, and so on. Here’s a sampling, with credits listed at the bottom of the post.

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tripping the links fantastic: Public Domain Images from the Farm Security Administration

Yesterday I was going to post on posters created by WPA artists (and I will) when I wandered into another collection on the incomparable Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs Online Catalog.

Have you ever heard of the Farm Security Administration (FSA)? I expect not, but this was a New Deal Department of Agriculture agency that made loans to small farmers. It also had an Information Division that employed 22 photographers to go cross country documenting the people and places of what we now call the Great Depression.

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