Is David Mejia the Dumbest Defense Attorney in the US? Savannah Dietrich’s Attacker’s Lawyer Says Victim Ruined His Client’s Life

Yea, that’s a long title for this post. Let’s unpack it.

  • First we have Savannah Dietrich, the brave and angry young [a juvenile] woman who was assaulted by two jerks [also juveniles] who then posted their antics on line. When they got a slap-on-the-wrist (nod, nod, wink wink, boys will be boys), she tweeted their thugly names.
  • And there it would have ended had it not been for David Mejia, the lawyer for one of the criminals [I haven’t been able to establish whether he is the lawyer for Austin Zehnder or Will Frey III]. Defense Attorney Mejia filed a contempt motion against Dietrich, which had she been convicted could have landed her in jail for 180 days, so she and her family went to the Louisville [KY} Courier-Journal, and then the story went viral. Mejia retreated from the contempt order, later telling ABC’s “Nightline” August 20 that his intent wasn’t

to punish Dietrich, but to have a judge force her to delete her online posts about the boys. “I was hoping she would even have some remorse or an apology to give. That didn’t happen.”

  • Then the Courier-Journal filed a motion for release of court documents:

The original motion filed by the newspaper argued that “serious questions have been raised in this case about how the system has been used to protect, perhaps inappropriately, the two defendants who have admitted to abusing Ms. Dietrich, while at the same time unconstitutionally depriving Ms. Dietrich of her First Amendment rights to free speech.”

A ruling about this should be issued on Tuesday, August 28. In the mean time, Mejia has been a very busy guy. Continue reading “Is David Mejia the Dumbest Defense Attorney in the US? Savannah Dietrich’s Attacker’s Lawyer Says Victim Ruined His Client’s Life”

Instant Karma and Savannah Dietrich

All too infrequent are the instances of instant karma, but oh my how satisfying they  can be.

My last post was about the young lady in Kentucky, Savannah Dietrich, who was facing contempt charges with penalties including fines and jail time for naming the two juvenile thugs who sexually assaulted her, posted photos of their crimes on the net, and were allowed to plea bargain their cases down to sweet deals.

After she was charged for Tweeting their names, Savannah, also a juvenile, and her folks went to the Louisville, KY newspaper, and all hell broke loose as people worldwide came to her defense, and, what do you know: the scum’s names — Austin Zehnder and Will Frey III — are now all over the place.

Were it not for the contempt charges, only those who follow Savannah’s Twitter and whoever they told would know these guys’ names.

By trying to hurt her further, Zehnder and Frey ensured that googling their names — or Savannah’s –will forever take you to their crimes.

They wanted attention on the net? They’ve got it now. Google “zehnder frey” and Google reports “7,960,000 results.”

Instant Karma.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that

“David Mejia, an attorney for one of the teens, said given that the story has gone global because of a piece Saturday in The Courier-Journal, there was no reason to continue the contempt motion.

‘What could contempt do now?’  Mejia said in an interview, adding that the boys’ names have already been circulated far beyond the original tweet. ‘Seems like a rather useless exercise doesn’t it?’

Got that one right, guys.

And there is more to come: seems these two pieces of trash come from money (tuition and fees at their private school tops $12,000 a year), and there is — surprise! — some interesting good ole boy networking going on among the guilty and those who work for the “justice” system. Stay tuned.