Starting Over

Most of the posts from August 2011 to today, July 3, 2012, are gone from this blog. I have moved far away from where I lived last year, and I want to have what control I can over my story. I thought about deleting the blog altogether, but that would mean losing other posts and comments that many have found useful.

The thirty or so posts I’ve removed are not gone; they are simply in a new blog, one that doesn’t have as many personal identifiers as this one. They are there to be found through searching by those who need them. If there’s a post you remember seeing here and searching doesn’t get you there, write me at for links.

If you know what is missing, you will understand, and if you don’t, don’t worry about it.


2 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Having just found this, I am thankful you decided to hold on to the stories. I know many people will find it helpful.I have. I have lost my entire family and dealt with all but one. I’ve tried to help inform my closest friend about what to do, things to think about, what to say before it’s too late etc. But I don’t think she is capable. I ache for her and her mother whom I was also close to. It’s her mom that is passing. The nurse told her a few days ago to get things in order and she became very angry at her. The doc said he wasn’t worried so she shouldn’t be. I hate to say it, but from being first told, I knew that nurse was correct. Maybe it was in how she said it, I don’t know. Now it’s a little late, the end is at hand and I feel helpless to help my friend. Angry too, but that will pass. Thanks for letting me “talk”… best to everyone, and hugs.

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