Birth Certificates of Patricia Ruth Millard, daughter of Lucile Millard (b. Ernstine Millard)

I’m putting these up because I may be the only person who has the physical objects. In 1929, when my mother, who was given the adopted name Molly Kathryn Smith, was born on August 27, 1929, the State of Florida permanently sealed adoption records.

Through sheer persistence my mother induced a clerical error in the 1960s and attained the birth certificate listing her bio-parents and spent the next decades tracking down her numerous aunts and uncles, none of whom was surprised by her existence, and, varying by physical and emotional distance from her birth mother, their sibling, accepting or not.

All this was done without the aid of the internet. I have found it difficult to go into existing genealogies on the Church of LDS or to update because the assumption seems to be that an adoptee gets a line — but had no past, and, since his/her bloodlines would not connect to bloodlines of the tree on which he or she appears, no future.

So for the sake of searchers, allow me to chronicle this here, since according to the State of Florida, the bio-birth certificate is for their eyes only. Patricia Ruth Millard who became Molly Kathryn Smith, had three children, two males and one female, all still living, and a son and a grand-daughter without issue. She died in Buncombe County, NC 7/8/2015.

Image (24)
Biological birth certificate of Patricia Ruth Millard, 08/27/29, Miami, FL USA
Image (25)
birth certificate of Mollie [Molly] Kathayrn [Kathyrn] Smith, 8/27/29. Miami, FL USA. (One line, multiple mistakes.) The internal registry numbers seem meaningless.
Image (26)
Death certificate of Lucille Stough (born Ernestine L. Millard). Note place of birth revised from El Dorado, TX, to New Mexico on death certificate, which gives no indication of Lucile’s parents’ names and adds a second l to first name.

2 thoughts on “Birth Certificates of Patricia Ruth Millard, daughter of Lucile Millard (b. Ernstine Millard)”

  1. Thank you. It seems ironic to me that even as genealogy has become so much easier, the ways — if they are there — of accommodating sealed info are few. For her, once you get passed this sealed document, much is known.She was a Daughter of the Republic of Texas via Col. Henry Millard (great-grandfather) and DAR. But unless I’ve found and made some type of casual accommodation, she never “officially” existed. The irony is that she has the most descendants on her branch of the tree.

  2. Good for you. I love genealogy research. What you did by finding a way to post this information will help out other researchers.

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