9 thoughts on “In Which a Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) Is Installed in My Liver”

  1. I don’t know. Blogsaredifferent fromprinted materials because they are always changing andso the print rules don’t easily apply. You can look formore by searching “blogs” + “intellectual property.” My understanding is that by declaring yourself the author and asserting your copyright, the blog posts are copyrighted. I also believe that you have little recourse if someone copies it without your permission other than asking them to take it down or credit you with the info.

  2. Thanks so much. Nothing comes without a price. I don’t have the worries about bleeds. Now it’s losing my mind (!). Read on!

  3. I truly am sorry for all that you have gone through. But, I am so fascinated (may not be using correct word to describe) reading about your experiences. You are so thorough in descriptions that I can actually see in my minds eye what you are referring to. It makes it easy to for a layman to follow what you are saying. In turn I want to continue reading. I want to know if you are all right physically.

    Thank you so much for continuing to share your experiences. I have not gone through what you have, but go through enough medically that I take away some very helpful tips. Like the use of heat packs for pain after a procedure. I will keep that tucked away in my mind if ever needed in the future.

    Looking forward to hearing that you no longer have these bleeding episodes.

    Blessings & Hugs.

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