Is David Mejia the Dumbest Defense Attorney in the US? Savannah Dietrich’s Attacker’s Lawyer Says Victim Ruined His Client’s Life

Yea, that’s a long title for this post. Let’s unpack it.

  • First we have Savannah Dietrich, the brave and angry young [a juvenile] woman who was assaulted by two jerks [also juveniles] who then posted their antics on line. When they got a slap-on-the-wrist (nod, nod, wink wink, boys will be boys), she tweeted their thugly names.
  • And there it would have ended had it not been for David Mejia, the lawyer for one of the criminals [I haven’t been able to establish whether he is the lawyer for Austin Zehnder or Will Frey III]. Defense Attorney Mejia filed a contempt motion against Dietrich, which had she been convicted could have landed her in jail for 180 days, so she and her family went to the Louisville [KY} Courier-Journal, and then the story went viral. Mejia retreated from the contempt order, later telling ABC’s “Nightline” August 20 that his intent wasn’t

to punish Dietrich, but to have a judge force her to delete her online posts about the boys. “I was hoping she would even have some remorse or an apology to give. That didn’t happen.”

  • Then the Courier-Journal filed a motion for release of court documents:

The original motion filed by the newspaper argued that “serious questions have been raised in this case about how the system has been used to protect, perhaps inappropriately, the two defendants who have admitted to abusing Ms. Dietrich, while at the same time unconstitutionally depriving Ms. Dietrich of her First Amendment rights to free speech.”

A ruling about this should be issued on Tuesday, August 28. In the mean time, Mejia has been a very busy guy.

On August 21, Mejia returned to court and objected to

“the Courier-Journal’s motion by repeatedly stating that he and his client have deliberately avoided making public statements about the facts of this case.”

That very same day, August 21,  Mejia was interviewed by The Huffington Post. In the article which appeared the next day, August 22, Mejia complained that his poor client

“was on course to a scholarship to an Ivy League school to play sports and that may be jeopardized. He’s in therapy. He’s just overwhelmed and devastated by what started from the conduct of this young girl saying false things as she did.”

Mr Mejia wants it both ways, doesn’t he? Savannah’s lawyer calls it “holding and hitting”:

“Mejia is fighting as hard as he can to keep his clients’ records secret on one hand but on the other hand he’s willing to make defamatory statements about Savannah Dietrich. . .”

That may be strategy, but this comment on national television by Mejia suggests he is either astoundingly arrogant or stupendously stupid — or both:

On “Nightline,” Mejia compared his client to another “victim,” Mr. “Legitimate Rape” Himself, Rep. Todd Akin:

“I think it’s rather astonishing how the Internet changes everything,” he said. “Look at [Rep. Todd Akin], the politician from Missouri who was on the news a few days ago and made a comment about ‘legitimate rape.’ Those comments have now gone viral and he is ruined. Twenty years ago it would not have happened like this. These things just stream with enormous speed across the whole country.”

You don’t need me to tell you how many things are wrong in the mind of Mejia, but I will anyway:

  • 1. Savannah should have been remorseful and apologized to her attackers.
  • 2. Her attacker’s problems are Savannah’s fault. He had a wonderful silver-spoon life, and she ruined it.
  • 3. Rep. Todd Akin’s bright and shiny future has been ruined by the internet.

Stay tuned.

Suggested Reading:

On the Prosecutor, Paul Richwalsky, who cut the deal that infuriated Savannah:

He’s been known to throw the book at 5-year-olds: “Can a 5-Year Old [boy] Be an Animal?” and hold back exculpatory evidence in a murder trial (mistrial resulted).

He’s also an alum of the same private school Savannah’s attackers, Austin Zehnder and Will Frey III, and he specifically asked to prosecute the case.

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