Two New Blogs: Merts Center Monitor and Bowiesattva

My friend has a tidy, focused blog, Bookwitch. I’m not sure if she has missed a day since she began in February 2007. She writes about children’s and young adult books, and her posts are generally fewer than 500 words.

I, in contrast, am not a disciplined blogger. I tend to go off on tangents and binges. Then I miss a string of weeks. My posts are often too long for all but the most sympathetic of readers. And I have no idea what I’ll be writing about next.

I never thought I’d be writing so much about the Huntsville City Schools. This is a topic of great interest to some, and of absolutely none to the rest of the world. So I have decided a new blog is needed, Merts Center Monitor. I’ll keep the 15 posts about the HCS up here at havealittletalk for a while so that if they have been linked to, those links will work and so forth. But from now on, posts relating to the HCS will be posted over at Merts Center Monitor.

This isn’t the first time I’ve spun new blogs out of havealittletalk. Back in May 2009, just 4 months after havealittletalk began, I started:

  •  My PACTS and Their Fictions, since these posts would make little sense and be of no interest to those not outraged about the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition debacle. I haven’t added anything to it in a long time; I keep it up for historical or archival purposes.
  • I decided too that my posts showing examples of images in the public domain would be of interest to a specialized audience, and so I started  Public Domain Images Online. This has proved my most frequently visited blog and the one I’ve done the best job of updating.

And then there’s Bowiesattva, a blog I started this summer. All Bowie, all the time. Focused — yes. Disciplined — some day. Maybe.


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